Autumn Park WODs

Autumn Park WODs

Make the most of the crisp autumnal air with a range of WODs designed specifically for Saturday mornings in the park or after work in your garden.

Park WOD #1:
Legs: 20x Air Squats, Leg Raises, Walking Lunges (per leg) – RPT 5x Abs: 20x Thrust Jumps, Ab Crunches, Hip Thrusters – RPT 5x

Park WOD #2:
Legs: 10min Jog; 16x Air Squats, Alternate Leg Lunges, Single Leg Hip Thrusts, High Bench Step Ups, Plank Leg Raises – RPT 5x

Park WOD #3:
5min Run; 1min Walking Lunges; 30s High Knee Kicks; 30s Air Squats, 10s Burpees; Rest 1min – RPT 3x

Park WOD #4:
Park Bench: 20x Press Ups, Ab Crunches, Tricep Dips, Incline Pull Ups / Rows, Bicycle Crunches – RPT 5x

Park WOD #5:

5min Jog; 1min Sprint; 10x Burpees; Rest 30s – RPT 6x.  Add 10s to sprint and extra Burpee to each set. 5min Jog.

Park WOD #6:
1km Run (fast); 100m sprint; 20x Deep Air Squats; 40x Walking Lunges (arms above head) – RPT AMRAP in 45mins

Park WOD #7:
1min Sprint; 10s Burpee Press Ups; 20x Air Squats; 1min Walking Lunges – RPT 6x

Park WOD #8:
2min shuttle runs between 2 benches; 30s Air Squats; 30s Walking Lunges; 30s Squat Jumps – RPT AMRAP

Park WOD #9:
Run 100m; 30x Push Ups; Run 100m, 30x Sit Ups; Run 100m, 30x Air Squats – RPT AMRAP 30mins

Park WOD #10:
5km Run (under 30min);  20x Air Squats, Walking Lunges, Squat Jumps – RPT 5x

Park WOD #11:
1min Sprint; 20s Air Squats, Walking Lunges, Crunches; 1min Plank – RPT AMRAP 30mins

Park WOD #12:
10min Sprint up hill and lunge down; 20x Burpees; 10x Wide Press Ups; 10x Close Press Ups, 20x Bench Dips – RPT AMRAP 1hour

Park WOD #13:
5min Jog; 1min Shuttle Runs; 30s Air Squats; 1min Step Ups onto bench; 45s Squat Hold – RPT 5x

Park WOD #14:
10min Jog (medium pace); 3 Sets: 30x Air Squats, 30x Walking Lunges; 1min High Knee Kicks – RPT x 3

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