Body By Lomax: Operation Hypertrophy – Intro

Body By Lomax: Operation Hypertrophy – Intro

When handed the task of helping his client, Gael Ruiz, increase his muscle mass whilst staying lean, Lomax Personal Trainer, Damian Boddy, designed a bespoke hypertrophic training and nutrition program to help him get those gains!

Gael is a 37 year old male with no prior training/exercise experience. When training began in early June 2014, he weighed in at 87.5kgs (BMI 27+) with relatively poor body composition. He came to me with the simple goal of improving this as much and as rapidly as possible. Within the first two weeks his weight decreased by 2.5kgs with a significant increase in strength. Furthermore, with the introduction of a comprehensive diet plan, we were able to control his energy levels. This enabled him to train significantly harder and recover faster, thus not impeding his lifestyle.

Over the past three months Gael’s improvement has been outstanding, with strength gains surpassing 100% across all facets of his training. He has also had a total weight loss of 8-9kgs.

Back Squat 30-80kg 1-3
Deadlift 40-100kg+ 1-3
Bench Press 30-60kg 1-3

Gael is now in considerably better health, shape and overall wellbeing, however, the goalposts have now moved. Gael would now like to increase his size, maintain the decreased body fat and build on this success in the gym.

Over the next six weeks we will be following a full hypertrophic program of training and nutrition. This will be monitored in a number of ways, including nutritional tracking and development, strength and conditioning progression and fortnightly updates on tape measurements across the torso, chest and appendages.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Low Intensity Cardio (high incline walk/jog)
Wednesday: Lower Body (first two weeks GVT)
Thursday: Anterior (chest, anterior shoulder and biceps)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Posterior (back, posterior/lateral shoulder and triceps)
Sunday: Rest/Additional Session (pelvic and shoulder mobility inc. stretching)

Over the next six weeks, Damian will be posting updates on Gael’s full training program, motives for the daily practices, detailed exercise analysis and progress. Damian Boddy is a Personal Trainer at Lomax Chelsea. Call 020 7352 0598 or email to request a session with Damian.


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