Body By Lomax: The Wallace Transformation – Week 4

Body By Lomax: The Wallace Transformation – Week Four

Week Four of his ‘Body By Lomax’ transformation sees Wallace’s niggly knee healed by the power of Pilates (and a certain barefoot, curly-haired hippy)…

This week I had a meeting with a deity. Some say he’s never worn real shoes… ever. Others believe that his curly locks hold the secrets to the universe. The man I am talking about is Pilates Tom and yes, that is his real name. The resident hippy, Jesus look-a-like and all round good guy was recently voted the healthiest person at Lomax. So why would I, Greek God in the making, want the help of a healthy green-eating Pilates dude with curly hair? Well the answer is the focus of this week’s post. Being fit doesn’t just mean throwing kettle bells around an empty room or lifting unnecessarily heavy pieces of metal above your head. It can mean running bare foot on the road or turning your body into a downward facing dog… whatever that means.

I met with Tom specifically to have a look at my knee which was still niggling since i hyper-extended it a few weeks back. Using a variety of strange looking objects and machines, Tom had me moving my limbs in strange yet simple ways. Eventually we had an idea of what my body was doing and what I needed to work on. And since then my knee has improved dramatically. What really interests me about Tom and why I would recommend him to everyone, injury or not, is the way he spoke about flexibility. He told me that instead of simply stretching to avoid injury during training, he tries to constantly improve on it. Tom treats his flexibility like I treat my cardio or weight sessions. Something I’d never heard before, but something I now believe everyone should do.

If your goal is to increase muscle mass, take part in a yoga session, increase your breath control and flexibility to allow for greater range of movement and oxygenation of muscles. If your goal is to achieve X amount of yoga positions perfectly, hit the gym and lift some weights. Increasing your strength will make some positions much easier to hold for a longer period. The Lomax environment is one that encourages complete submersion in a healthy lifestyle and its the only reason I’ve managed to keep training every day. To finish, I’m going to encourage you all to try something new this week, even if you are benching 100kg for fun or can touch your toes with your tongue, change it up and keep improving.

Success is not a goal, its a byproduct of constantly trying to improve.

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Throughout his transformation, Michael will be blogging weekly on the Lomax website and posting regular updates via Instagram (@mikeywallace). For more information about bespoke ‘Body by Lomax’ transformations, call 020 7352 0598 or email

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