Body By Lomax: The Wallace Transformation – Week One

Body By Lomax: The Wallace Transformation – Week One

With the first week of training under his belt, Mikey has learned that from a slow and steady start does a better body build…

I am of course quoting the great Gary Barlow when I say, ‘Have a little patience’. It is the most important thing I have learned this week. This stage of my program is all about base building. And while I’m currently carving out the foundations from which a body of herculean proportions can grow, there’s a long way to go until then. We all want results as fast as possible, however what we don’t realise, is that sometimes the quickest way to get there is to go slow. Pick weights that you can control and execute the perfect technique to build a solid base. For example, in this week’s chest work out (see below), I’m doing a medium to high number of reps and picking a weight that is suitable for me…

Main Exercise: 4 x 12 Barbell flat bench chest press
Superset: 10 x Close grip bench press
Abs Interval: 20 x Incline crunches

Main Exercise: 4 x 12 dumbbell incline bench chest press
Superset: 10 x EZ bar french press
Abs Interval: 20 x Weighted sit-ups

Main Exercise: 3 x 12 decline barbell bench press
Superset: 10 x Rope triceps extensions
Abs Interval: 20 x Swiss ball oblique crunches

Main Exercise: 3 x 12 cable chest flys incline bench press
Superset: 10 x dips
Abs Interval: 10 x Hanging leg raises

Second lesson comes from my GCSE Business Studies teacher, “If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail”. Half the battle in optimising your body is nutrition and if you don’t prepare your meals you are going to have very little control on what goes into your body. A quick dish I prepped this week was salmon fillets cooked in ginger, chilli, garlic and a little bit of lime. Throw in some mixed veg and you have all the nutrients you need, cooked and ready in 15 minutes.

Salmon Fillets & Veg

My third and final hardcore gym lesson is… chill out. At first I was stressing when I didn’t eat my lunch on time or was late to training but now I realise that the world very rarely revolves around us perfectly. Be ready to adapt, miss the gym this morning?  Well move on with your day and hit it tonight, just make sure you get there.

P.S. I thoroughly recommend the new Lomax Cycle Blast Class, it is a brilliant all-round workout to a banging new stereo system that keeps you burning fat for hours. It killed me. But in the best way possible.

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Throughout his transformation, Michael will be blogging weekly on the Lomax website and posting regular updates via Instagram (@mikeywallace). For more information about bespoke ‘Body by Lomax’ transformations, call 020 7352 0598 or email

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