Body By Lomax: The Wallace Transformation – Week Three

Week Three of his body transformation sees Mikey on the receiving end of an unexpected lesson in KISS-ing from TK…

Keep It Simple… Stupid!

I was first introduced to this invaluable acronym back at school whilst studying P.E. at A-level. Of course back then I thought I was of far too high a stature in the world of physical education to listen to it. I now see the error of my more youthful days and can imagine my old P.E. teacher grinning away as he reads this. This past week was all about keeping things simple. I had begun to get a bit overconfident with my routine and was creating complicated exercises that were doing more damage than good.

To get myself back to basics, I enlisted the help of Mr Pilates aka Tarik Francis, whose physique is a testament to the results you can gain from training smart and simple. With a background in Pilates, Tarik is all about activating the right muscles and not wasting energy on unnecessary exercises. Here’s what we did…

4x 12 Wide Grip Chin Ups
(Grip changed to palms facing in towards the body on the last set to promote a bigger isolation of the lat and rotator cuff)
4x 10 Close Grip Lat Pull Downs
4x 10 Straight Arm Cable Pull Downs

3x 10 Cable Bicep Curl
3x 10 Isolated Bicep Curls using trigger pointing
3x Inverted Row to failure

Throughout each exercise, Tarik would tell me to focus on the muscle that I wanted to activate. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to activate it. When working a large muscle group like the back, you want to focus on the major muscle. For example, when doing a Lat Pull Down, you want to focus on activating the lat. By doing this, you should fatigue this muscle first. Houses are built brick by brick, and the more time spent building, the longer the building will last.

When we moved onto the biceps, Tarik introduced me to restrictive trigger pointing. By pinching a specific part of the bicep during a rep, Tarik is changing the way the muscle contracts in a very specific area and therefore ensuring activation of the right muscle part. This was incredibly painful, but a great way to develop muscles that you feel you are struggling to fully exert during exercise. I wouldn’t recommend trying this on your own as its quite technical and you’ll look very silly, trust me.

By the end of the week I was feeling sore, but good. I’d really simplified my exercises and found I was gaining a lot more because of it. So whether you are a massive gym monkey, a beginner or sat in your A-level P.E. class – Keep It Simple Stupid!

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Throughout his transformation, Michael will be blogging weekly on the Lomax website and posting regular updates via Instagram (@mikeywallace). For more information about bespoke ‘Body by Lomax’ transformations, call 020 7352 0598 or email

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