Body By Lomax: The Wallace Transformation

Body By Lomax: The Wallace Transformation

A familiar face in the café at Lomax Chelsea, follow Michael Wallace as he undertakes the epic challenge of a complete ‘Body By Lomax’ transformation. Over to you Mikey…

First, a quick spiel about me, I’m 21 years young and currently studying towards a degree in Psychology. I have worked in the café here at Lomax for the past 7 months and the brilliant trainers have inspired me to get qualified as a PT myself. In conjunction with my ‘Body By Lomax’ transformation, I’ll also be working towards my Level 3 in Personal Training in the hope that some of the things I learn throughout will help me become a better trainer.

Mr Lomax himself has designed a bespoke program that combines a mix of precision fitness, nutrition and wellbeing elements to make sure I get the best results as fast as possible. He has promised that if I stick to it I will look less like the pleasantly plump young man you see above and more like Patrick Bateman.

To finish, I would like to quote the great Disney classic ‘Mulan’, when I say, ‘Let’s get down to business.’

Throughout his transformation, Michael will be blogging weekly on the Lomax website and posting regular updates via Instagram (@mikeywallace). For more information about bespoke ‘Body by Lomax’ transformations, call 020 7352 0598 or email

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