Pt Spotlight: Charlie Launder

Get to know our people! All of us here live and breath the Lomax way (it’s a given) but do you really know what truly sets us all apart? There’s something interesting and new about everyone here that you’re bound to learn such as a secret talent that no one’s discovered yet or a hobby that they’ve had since childhood!

Join us every Monday for a PT spotlight to find out a little bit more about the people who work here and what makes them all such a key and enriching member of our team here at Lomax.

NAME: Charlie Launder

POSITION: Head of Pre and Post Natal, Personal Trainer

FACT: “I’ve written an entry in a diary everyday for the last 20 years without fail!”




1. What made you want to start writing a diary?

I got given a mini padlock diary when I was little and I loved writing “secrets” in there, whatever secrets my 9 year old self had. I would write in it every so often but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I got a 5 year diary and started writing everyday, just a little bit, but every day without fail.


2. What are your top 3 reasons for keeping a diary?

– It is a great way of remembering things, its amazing how well I can remember small details purely because I have written it down.
– For me I sometimes find it helpful to offload my day onto paper before bed to clear my head and (hopefully) sleep better.
– It’s a habit now. What started as something fun to see if I could keep it up has turned into something I do every single day and is now just part of my day.


3. What has been your happiest memory?

It is so lovely reading back and finding really happy posts, but they do vary. In my first diary I got accepted into my first gymnastics club and did my first backflip with my new coach I was ecstatic, and in my most current diary I write about my British gold medal! 


4. How do you stay motivated to write everyday?

I don’t write a lot each day so it’s not hard to remember but if I do forget one night then I just catch up the next day, because the thought of missing a page and having a gap is enough to make me keep it up to date! 


5. What have you learnt most about yourself from writing a diary?

Something that I have learnt by reading back over past entries is that I have a tendency to stress over the small things – and it’s something I am really working on, but since i started I have always tried to put at least one positive thing in each entry no matter what (in case my kids read it one day!) and this has taught me to look for the silver lining in every situation which is a good skill to learn!


Tune back on to next Monday for another spotlight on one of our team members here at Lomax.

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