Choosing a Fitness Retreat

Choosing a Fitness Retreat

A change of scenery can make all the difference for getting back on the fitness wagon. Healing Holidays share some insight on what to expect on a fitness retreat… and we’ll be here to keep you on track once you’re back!

Fitness retreats aren’t just weight loss boot camps anymore. Today’s fitness retreats are the place to go to focus on your general wellbeing and to get results that will improve on what you’ve already achieved in the gym. But the reason most people make fitness the focus of their holiday is to take advantage of the unique experience that can only find at dedicated fitness retreats. Here’s what you can expect…

Trainers: You will have personal interaction with some of the world’s top personal trainers and fitness instructors. You can expect personal training sessions as well as group sessions.

Facilities: You will have access to state of the art training and spa facilities using the latest equipment and technology to offer you unique workouts and fast results.

Nutrition: Generally you will meet with a nutritionist to put together a meal plan that is tailored to your body. Often there are workshops available for you to learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet when you return home and they’ll even give you some exclusive recipes. You don’t have to worry about what to eat – your nutritionist and the chef will take care of you and cater for any allergies.

Motivation: You will find motivation from your personal trainer through a variety of encouragement methods. You will also find camaraderie in group fitness sessions. This Cross Fit-like mentality helps to pull you through days and makes exercise social and fun.

Recovery: Treat yourself to daily massages and spa treatments which will help your body recover quickly to reach your maximum potential, reduce injuries, and increase flexibility. Dry saunas and steam rooms will relax you, while hydrotherapy pools and specialty showers will invigorate you.

Outdoor Workouts: You will be a kid again training outdoors and participating in adventure sports. Sessions will be held on the beach, in the mountains, or in the countryside to make training more interesting and to take in the beauty of nature. Most spas also offer adventure activities such as kayaking, cycling or hiking as a part of their a la carte menu.

Once you’ve decided to go away on a fitness retreat, the next thing to do is choose between a destination spa and a resort spa…

Destination spas are fully equipped spas with state of the art facilities and the top practitioners in their fields offering dedicated spa retreat programmes. The emphasis is on overall wellness with each spa specialising in a different area of expertise, a particular philosophy, or a unique location. Most people go to destination spas for week-long programmes to kick start their health or to focus on a particular issue that can only be overcome through diet, exercise and spa treatments which are carefully constructed and calculatingly executed. Spa purists love destination spas, but there are programmes at every spa that are also appropriate for first timers, so anyone can benefit from a spa retreat.

Resort spas are spas located at hotels or resorts for day use by guests of the resort, although some resort spas allow non-guests to book spa services. Resort spas are more common than destination spas. The quality of the spa facilities, treatments, and practitioners can be extremely high, particularly at luxury resorts, but most resort spas focus more on pampering, relaxation, and beauty treatments than intensive wellbeing programmes meant to foster personal growth. Resort spas are popular with casual spa-goers on a holiday where the spa isn’t the main focus of their experience.

Both types of spa will accommodate those wanting a dedicated fitness retreat, however it comes down to the atmosphere that you feel will best encourage your journey while on your retreat.

For more information on fitness retreats, contact the wellness experts at Healing Holidays by calling 020 7843 3597 or email

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