Nutrition: Day 4 Full Day of Eating with Jonathan Lomax

Like other training days, I have increased the carbs to support the training intensity. Fats still stay higher than normal ‘Body Building’ diets as before, and the carbs I use are all slow release sources.

I chiefly use Marks & Spencer as my food shop of choice (there is a Simply Food next door to my gym in Chelsea) because I can guarantee that even the more traditionally cheat foods, such as the breaded chicken strips, are still good quality with no hidden nasties.

Mixing shoulders with Olympic lifting supersets as my Training Plan outlines is extremely metabolic, so this kcal total may actually be too little. To be accurate you should continuously test your workouts using a heart rate monitor and fitness tracker, such as the Under Armour Record tool, to make sure you are recording accurate kcal outputs. For example, I know I have burnt nearly a 1000 kcals doing this workout before which is double the average 500 kcal output I have used to build this plan.

However, remember, your activity and your diet are lifestyle choices, you shouldn’t become obsessed, some days will be worse than others, especially at Christmas, so it’s always good to have a few credits in the bank

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