NUTRITION: Day 6 Full Day of Eating with Jonathan Lomax

The following (and final) downloadable PDF in this series focuses on day 6 of the 80/20 training plan. This would be a typical full day of eating through my eyes. It’s usually a Sunday, where I get up a little later and always have a big cooked breakfast. This is because I am experimenting with ‘cheat’ followed by ‘fast’ on a Saturday day to Sunday morning. Basically, due to having a new born baby at home, I like to get into bed as early as I can on Saturday night to try and get as many hours sleep as I can before Little Lilly wakes up for her night feed.

This has given me the perfect time to try Intermittent Fasting. I stop eating at 6pm on a Saturday, after a slightly naughty day (especially if a few beers have been had while watching the sport) and then have a big breakfast 14 hours later. I am starving when I wake up, but I am going to keep trying this and will probably try and do 2 x 14 hours a week – it’s not like I can go out anyway!!!

Total macros are almost spot on where I need them to be with a 500kcal surplus. Although I ate less volume my meals were much more kcal dense. It’s the weekend and this is a lifestyle diet not one of restriction. I could very easily turn this day (or any day) into a deficit be reducing the portion sizes and the level and types of carbs.

Because my Saturday is a rest day, I tend to eat less, not to mention the effects of any IF, so I do try to keep to my overall macro plan on a Sunday, despite having fewer eating ‘episodes’

After-all no training day is as important to boys and men as chest & biceps day – gotta chase those #gainz

Download, here.

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