There’s a problem in the food industry.

It’s cheaper to buy food packed full of sugar than healthy food that’s not. Everyone loves to enjoy their favourite sweet treats, so consumption of sugary food isn’t set to change any time soon. This is contributing to the obesity crisis in the UK where, per National Statistics, 58% of women and 68% of men are overweight or obese.

Unless we do something and create change.

Yes, the sugar tax is a step forward. But instead of punishing sugar intake, it would be more effective to incentivise the consumption of healthier foods by making it cheaper for us all to buy.

Charlie and Harry at Oppo Ice Cream are petitioning the government to cut VAT on foods with a reduced sugar nutrition claim to the reduced rate of 5%.

Reductions from the standard 20% rate are typically granted when there is a social benefit for doing so. There is a clear benefit here.

Reducing VAT on reduced sugar products (briefly, these are defined in EU regulation as those which have at least 30% less sugar than comparable products) would be simple to implement and give more people access to healthy foods whilst also encouraging food producers to innovate in reduced sugar alternatives.

Your signature will help to deliver this petition to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond.

Sign the petition now, to help us move a step closer to making it cheaper for us all to buy foods that contain reduced sugar.




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