Eat a Better Breakfast

Eat a Better Breakfast

Given that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Lomax Personal Trainer and nutrition specialist, Mark Garlick, gives us the low down on what he recommends to get you going in the morning.

A lot of women ask what’s best to eat for breakfast when they’re looking to tone up. This is a rather difficult question to answer but there are a few general rules of thumb I use depending on the individual I’m working with.

When one wakes up after six to eight hours of sleep, the body is technically in a fasted state. If you are doing only cardio in the morning, it’s good to do it fasted and then eat after training. Depending on the time of training, I would suggest a balanced meal for breakfast that consists of:

  • • PROTEIN for muscle growth and repair
  • • CARBOHYDRATES for energy release and insulin manipulation
  • • FATS for hormone production

A sample meal could include 3 egg whites (protein), 50g salmon (fats) and 1 piece of rye toast (carbs). This meal covers all the bases and will provide a slow but steady release of energy, healthy hormone production and enough protein to repair and heal muscles.

Post-workout nutrition is also vital and I suggest a post-workout shake that includes protein in the form of BCAAs a slow release carbohyrates. This will help the body recover quickly and increase muscle building which in turn will make you leaner. A good option is to add oats and BCAAs to Grill Market’s Post-Train Banana smoothie (banana, whey protein, pineapple coconut water and nut butter).

Mark Garlick is a Personal Trainer and nutrition specialist at Lomax. Call 020 7352 0598 or email for more information about fitness and nutrition services.

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