Calisthenics with Tye Sets

NEW CLASS: Calisthenics with Tye Sets

Learn the art of body-weight training with Tye Sets, the King of Calisthenics, every Thursday night at Lomax!

Suitable for people of all fitness levels and abilities, the class will begin on the ground, using breathing techniques combined with joint conditioning exercises to develop a strong foundation. Once the body is warm Tye will then take you through some dynamic stretching and core activation before moving on to static holds such as handstands, crow pose, planche and front levers.

Focusing on form, posture, alignment and stabilizing the muscles, you will also learn how to avoid wasting energy whilst training. Ultimately you will increase your fitness performance, develop strength and sculpt the body you want, using the body you have!

Tye Sets’ Calisthenics Class will take place at Lomax every Thursday at 7pm. £20 per person or use a Signature class block. Book online »

Instagram: @tyesets  | Facebook: /tye.sets

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