Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Bridging the gap between group fitness classes and one-to-one Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training provides a measurable, results-focused weight training program at a fraction of the cost of Personal Training.

Coupled with the knowledge that weight training is the best way to change the composition of your body (ie. the ratio of muscle to fat, or lean mass), our Small Group Personal Training sessions follow a split training program whereby each workout is designed to target a different muscle group each day of the week. Sessions use classic body sculpting and bodyweight training exercises alongside scientifically proven strength and conditioning principles to work on creating lean, toned muscles. Combined with HIIT-style cardiovascular workouts to turbocharge fat loss and accelerate fitness levels, the Lomax Small Group Personal Training offering is, in short, a complete fitness experience.

Finding a balance between a fun and sociable class environment with the expert attention that comes with a Personal Training session, Lomax Small Group PT classes are limited to a maximum of four people to ensure a more bespoke experience. All five sessions form a complete periodised training program and have been designed to be performed together to get the best results.

The two lower body workouts include strength-based compound movements such as weighted squats,  lunges and deadlifts to strengthen, lengthen and tone the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. Focusing on the legs (ie. the largest muscle group in the body) ensures maximum calorie burn throughout and long after the session has ended.

An strength-based workout incorporating upper body compound pushing and pulling movements such as chest press, pull ups, dips and core strengthening exercises to sculpt and tone the arms, chest, back, triceps and shoulders without bulking.

A fast-paced HIIT workout where you will perform exercises at maximum effort for 30 second intervals with very short rest periods in between. This session aims to improve your cardiovascular fitness and athletic potential while burning fat efficiently. To get the most from this session, we recommend combining it with the strength-based Small Group sessions throughout the week.

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Cancellation Policy:
Classes must be cancelled either online or via our app least 24 hours before your scheduled class. Classes cancelled within 24 hours of your booked class will incur full payment.


PAYG Class 30.00
Block of 4 Classes 120.00
Block of 8 Classes 216.00
Block of 12 Classes 300.00