Get the Lomax Look: HPE Clothing A/W

Get the Lomax Look: HPE Clothing A/W Collection

As the warm weather starts to slip away, the arrival of the A/W range from HPE Clothing has given us a few stylish reasons to look forward to the change of season.

Crisp Autumn mornings mean cosy hoodies and jumpers to keep you warm before and after your workout. We’re super excited to announce the arrival A/W range of HPE Clothing at Lomax Chelsea – check them out when you’re next in!

UV-Stretch™ Jumper 

With four-way stretch and super-soft fabric, the UV-Stretch™ Jumper is great for your warm-up and cool-down as well as intensive outdoor workouts.
Women – £80.50; Men£92.00

UV-Stretch™ Hoodie
Feel the warmth with a high collar, deep hood and folding hand mits to keep your hands warm when you’re out and about.
Women – £86.50; Men£98.00

Skinny X Leggings
Beautiful in shape and detailing, these leggings fit with compression, using four-way stretch and a wide waistband for support and extra comfort.
Women – £86.50

The new A/W range of HPE Clothing is now available at Lomax Chelsea. Get the Lomax look today!

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