Getting the most from a winter retreat

Getting the most from a winter retreat

Healing Holidays, the UK’s leading independent spa specialists, share a few things to consider when choosing a winter retreat.

When it comes to which retreats are best for winter it really comes down to personal preference – the best retreat at any time of the year is the one that you wish to go on. That being said, with the festive season upon us, there is arguably no better time to head off on a detox or weight-loss retreat. Whether you want to slim down in time to fit into that little black dress (or suit), pre-emptively tackle the over-indulgence that we are all guilty of over the festive period, or get your New Year resolutions off to a flying start, a winter weight-loss or detox retreat is an incredibly rewarding experience that will help you achieve your personal targets.

Focus on nutritional nourishment…
It is important to remember the cold months of winter are generally the time when our bodies need nutrition the most, so it is vital to remain properly nourished. Rather than juice or raw food detoxes, looks for a retreat with warming food and treatment options.

HH Top Pick: The Intensive Detox and Weight-Loss programme offered by Sha Wellness Clinic in Spain is particularly effective and ensures that your body is getting exactly what it needs to detox and lose weight the healthy way.

Rest and recuperation is key…
While the festive period is largely a fun and enjoyable time, it can also get rather busy and stressful, making the weeks that follow it a great time to head off on a de-stressing retreat so you can start the New Year feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

HH Top Pick: The Anti-Stress and Burnout programme offered by Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand uses a combination of relaxing and healing spa treatments, supportive therapies, and nourishing foods to help anyone that is feeling overworked and exhausted.

Start as you mean to go on…
The New Year is the ideal time to make a long-term change your emotional and physical state and many retreats offer programmes that focus on long-term weight-management and overall improved well-being, helping you get 2016 off to a great start.

HH Top Pick: The emphasis of Kamalaya’s Ideal Weight programme is on healthy and sustainable weight-loss and not a fad diet.

Avoid Ayurvedic treatments in winter months…
It is worth considering that some retreats are not at their most effective during the winter period, specifically Ayurveda retreats. Ayurveda treatments work best during India’s monsoon season, which falls during our summer; it is therefore advisable to wait until the summer to go on an Ayurvedic retreat if you wish to reap the full benefits of it.

As mentioned previously, ultimately the best winter retreat is the one that you want to go on, so to find your own perfect winter retreat be sure to speak to one of the experts at Healing Holidays who can suggest the right retreat for you based on your individual criteria.

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