Give Your Immune System a Boost

Give Your Immune System a Boost

As the winter months descend, now is the time to start boosting your immune system to keep those pesky colds away! Nutritional Therapist, Natalia Otero, offers her top tips…

Take a long, slow, deep breath first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This will send a message to your brain to calm down.

Start your day with a super green juice to get a healthy dose of antioxidants. This recipe is my favorite and SO easy!

1 green apple (for a natural hint of sweetness, very LGL)
3 florets of broccoli
1 large cucumber
1 lemon
1 inch of ginger
3 leaves of basil – stimulates the immune system with its beautiful smell and flavour
1g of astragalus booster – an excellent immune modulator (available at Lomax)

Blend all ingredients in your juicer and ENJOY!

Try to keep your diet clean by sticking to a diet consisting of foods that are:
• Fresh and/or in season products
• Free of added sugar (read the ingredients on the label, be especially wary of high fructose corn syrup)
• Free of hydrogenated vegetable oils and/or trans-fatty acids
• Free of the artificial sweetener aspartame
• Free of chemical preservatives

Exercise will strengthen your immune system and fight off simple bacteria and viral infections. It also reduces stress, helps lower osteoporosis, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Some nutrients that maybe specifically important for immune system health include:
• Selenium
• Vitamins A,C,D, E, Zinc
• “Medical Mushrooms” – known in the world of natural health as potent immune boosters

A good all round supplement to support the immune system is Tierra‘s ‘Lifestyle Support’. Formulated with medicinal mushrooms to support the immune system, increase energy, boost liver/kidney function and help modulate nervous system (available at Lomax).

• We need at least 7 hours sleep to give the immune system the chance to fight off illness
• Keep a notebook near your bed to write down the things which worry you in the middle of the night
• Make sure your bedroom has good ventilation and it is dark
• Keep electrical devices; TV, computers, mobile phone out of the room
• Rub 2-3 drops of ‘doTerra’ Lavender oil on hands/chest and rubbed across pillow at bedtime
• Have a bath with epsom salts before bed, which will help to relax your muscles
• Practice about ten minutes of meditation a day

Natalia Otero is the in-house Nutritional Therapist at Lomax Chelsea. Email or call 020 7352 0598 for more information about consultations with Natalia.

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