Go vegan in just 7 weeks

You may have followed Lomax trainer Adam Stanbury’s 21 day shred during January and marvelled at his impressive results. Were you tempted to adopt a plant based diet yourself? Unsure how to start and how to ditch animal proteins and still support your training with the right nutrition? Try Stanbury’s 7 week transitional programme to ease you slowly into the vegan lifestyle.

You will gain knowledge regarding the best way to structure a plant based diet whilst avoiding nutritional deficiencies and by the end of the 7 weeks you will be able to create plant based meals with confidence.

From Meat to Plants will teach you:
About the ethics and environmental benefits of switching to a plant based diet
The pro’s and con’s of making the transition
The potential deficiencies and how to avoid them
How to combine plant based foods to maximise protein intake
Who uses a plant based diet to enhance their strength
Who uses a plant based diet to enhance their performance
An easy formula to build delicious and nutritious plant based meals
How to replace meat from your diet
How to let go of dairy
The kitchen essentials to build plant powered meals
Recommended plant powered super foods
Why plant powered eating is the future we can’t avoid.

Plus you will receive:
Weekly recipes
Weekly recommended education
Group support and accountability

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