Holiday WODs

Holiday WODs

While a holiday is vital for giving your body and mind with the rest it deserves, we understand that for some, exercise plays an important role in ensuring a fun and happy break.

These fun, effective workouts require minimal equipment and can be done in your hotel suite, garden or by the pool. Try one or try them all, but remember you’re on holiday so don’t over do it!

Holiday WOD #1:
Roll a beach towel length ways, hold high above your head and squat deep 20x
Repeat 10x
Tip: Try to pull towel apart as you squat.

Holiday WOD #2:
5 min Fast Swim, 20x Burpees, 20x Press Ups, 20x TRX Rows off a tree or balcony rail
Repeat 10x

Holiday WOD #3:
10x Chaise Press Ups, 10x Dips, 10x Lunge Jumps, 10x Crunches, 1 min Sprints
Repeat 6x

Holiday WOD #4:
Chair: 12x Decline Press Ups; Suitcase: 12x Squat Thrust; Bed: 20x Ab Crunches; Floor: 12x Burpees
Repeat 5x

Holiday WOD #5:
Chair: 12x Dips; Suitcase: 12x Overhead Squats; Bed: 20 leg raises; Floor: 12 Tuck Jumps
Repeat 5x

Holiday WOD #6:
Chair: 12x Incline Press Ups; Suitcase: 12x Lunges (per leg); Bed: 20x Ab Curls; Floor: 12x Air Squats
Repeat 5x

Holiday WOD #7:
30 sec Fast Feet, 20x Tuck Jumps, 10x Burpees, 1 min Shadow Box, 1 min Squat Hold with Fast Punch, 45 sec rest
Repeat 5x

Holiday WOD #8:
Pool: 4x slow Freestyle laps, 2x moderate laps holding kickboard, 2x laps with kickboard between legs, 1x fast Freestyle laps, 10x Poolside Press Ups
Repeat 5x
Tip: Change up your stroke from day to day. Breast stroke, backstroke and butterfly all work every muscle in your body, so do what feels comfortable and inspiring!

Holiday WOD #9:
Pool: 5x Freestyle laps, 5x laps holding kickboard, 5x laps with kickboard between legs, 10x Poolside Press Ups, 5x fast Freestyle laps
Repeat 6x



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