Introduction to the 21 Day Shred with The Plant Powered PT

I haven’t put myself through a rigorous training plan and diligent nutrition program since the end of 2013 when I was training for the WBFF London Fitness Model show along with the photo shoots that followed.

I also haven’t tried to get myself into awesome shape since I went vegan 2 years ago in November 2014, so I’m taking the principles that I perfected back when I was a meat eater and training for shows and I’m now applying the same principles with my plant based diet.

Now 21 days isn’t going to make you a fitness model but it is just long enough to get you into good training and nutritional habits and to relight your metabolic fire, which will be rocking by the end of this program.

Saying that I have successfully lost 2% body fat over 3 weeks in the past, so I know that this goal is:
Specific Measured Achievable Realistic and Time bound (SMART), all your goals should cover these elements to ensure your success.



I have created this 21 day program with one goal in mind…

To get as lean as possible in 3 weeks.

That’s it, this will also then lead nicely on into future programs of lean muscle gain, which works well after being on a calorie deficit, having created good insulin sensitivity and an efficient metabolism, which will all be achieved over the next 21 days.

Consistency and Commitment

Will play a key role in the effectiveness of this program, this is not necessarily a long term program to follow, the aim of this program is to give the body and lifestyle a short sharp shock to ramp up the metabolism after a period of indulgence such as the festive season or holidays etc.

Both consistency and commitment are two of the most essential factors in how successful you are, more so than your training and nutrition program, remember this and repeat them to yourself daily.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day


This program is NOT for those who have little experience in the gym, not to say they couldn’t follow this program but the training volume and frequency along with the soreness from the workouts would be unbearable for someone with little training experience, if this is you then contact me to see how we could work together to build up your strength and fitness gradually, if this is not you, then read on.

This program is also NOT for those wanting or needing a set nutritional plan to spell all their meals and ingredients out. This program is for those with a basic understanding of what plant based food groups contain protein, fats and carbohydrates, but don’t worry I will be providing ideas and support to help.

I will be providing the full nutrition plan that I followed, with macronutrient breakdowns and recipes in the ebook that will follow, so watch this space.




During the program we will work out your own individual calorie intake using a simple equation and you will be given a recommended macronutrient ratio for training days and rest days. You will then use a food tracking app such as MyFitnessPal to track your calories and macronutrient ratios every day, so that we can get super accurate with your intake ensuring your success.

It is critical that you are committed to tracking your calorie and macronutrient intake, we only have 21 days to make as much change as possible, therefore we need to get the consistency right from day 1.

I don’t actually agree that the everyday person should get hung up on calories but should instead focus on food quality, however when you have a very specific target and a short space of time they are an essential part of the process.

NOTE: If you are interested in moving to a plant based diet and need help with that, then please take a look at my From Meat to Plants ebook as it will help you to make the change seamlessly over a 7 week period, just visit



I will be using exclusively Lomax Nutrition’s Vegan supplement range such as:

Note: Use the discount code plants25 to get 25% off your order of Lomax Nutrition supplements.



The training program consists of 6 workouts, made up of 4 gym and weight based workouts and 2 shorter sprint interval workouts. The 4 main weight workouts will differ slightly for men and women.

Due to the short period of time for this challenge, we must hit the ground running with training volume and frequency, therefore the program will run on a 2 days on 1 day off cycle consistently for 21 days, meaning that you will never train for more than two days in a row or have more than 1 day off at a time, this will create the training momentum needed whilst allowing for regular recovery.

On every 2nd day of training you will train twice and perform the shorter HIIT workouts in the evening (15-20minutes), this peak of training volume and frequency every 2nd training day will fire up the metabolism and then the following rest day will allow recovery from that peak day.

  • Are you ready to push hard for 21 days without interruptions?
  • Are you ready to train twice a day when the program requires it?
  • Have you got the level of consistency and commitment to make this a success?


If you’re interested in trying out the program now then email me if you’d prefer to follow my progress then look out for my weekly check in and I’ll let you know how I’m getting on, with my thoughts and observations for that week.

Adam aka The Plant Powered PT


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