Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology

Naturopathic Physician Katie Ruane is now offering Maternity Reflexology treatments from the clinic at Lomax.

Reflexology is a very safe yet effective treatment to have during pregnancy. One of the best things about it is that your baby also gets benefits from the treatment whilst in the womb. Reflexology is very gentle with pressure applied to specific points on the feet that correlate with different areas in the body. Alongside helping reduce stress and anxiety, reflexology can also help with sleep, low energy, morning sickness, swollen legs, heart burn and constipation. Having regular reflexology sessions during your pregnancy can also lower the chance of you being induced. Unfortunately one session the week you are due won’t have that impact!

After you have had your baby, reflexology can once again be a wonderful non-invasive treatment to have. It allows you time for yourself as well as helping your body heal and recover after the birth. You may hold your baby during the session if it’s whilst they are sleeping. Reflexology can also help reduce stress and anxiety of being a new mother, reduce post-natal depression and help with milk production.

Receive 20% off your first two maternity reflexology sessions at Lomax. Normally £75 an hour, Lomax clients will pay just £60. You must book your first session and follow up by the 30th May to take advantage of this offer. Call 07903985898 or email quoting ‘LOMAX’ to redeem the offer.

Katie Ruane BA BSc (Hons) MRN CNHC Naturopathic Physician

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