Meet the Head Viking

From Crossfit to Pilates, kickboxing to yoga, football to ballet, and handball to HIIIT, Svava Sigbertsdottir has been training her whole life. After trying her hand at nearly every type of training and never finding the one ultimate method to get her the physical and aesthetic results she desired, Svava took the best of her experience and education to create The Viking Method – a unique and highly functional training method that focuses on building power, confidence, speed, strength and agility.

Area of Experise: Viking Functional Training

Hometown: Reykjavik

Wonder WOD: Plyo, balance, resistance and core work mixed together

Weapon of Choice: Sword. Barbell in the gym.

Heroes: Tenzin Gyatso, Hilda Suarez, Muhammed Ali, Freyja, Jack Bauer

Villains: The person who came up with the word bae

Breakfast of Champions: Sheeps insides and beer

Ultimate Stress Buster: Skipping up and down the road

Theme Tune: ‘Free Your Mind’ – En Vogue

Mum always said: If someone says you are a car, are you a car?

The Lomax Way in three words: Playground for adults

The Viking Method classes take place at Lomax on Tuesdays @ 8am & 7pm and Thursdays @ 8am & 7pm. Classes cost £20 PAYG and are included in all Lomax Signature class blocks. Classes must be booked in advance online or in-app. Book now »

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