FitFood Delivery

FitFood Delivery

A complete integration of fitness and food, Lomax delivers fresh, healthy meals, snacks and shakes, tailored to your individual macros.

In this unique collaboration between the Lomax nutrition team and Grill Market chefs, Lomax FitFood makes sticking to your nutrition plan easy by striking a balance between achieving your fitness goals and enjoying great tasting food. Whether your goal is to reduce body fat, build lean muscle or maintain a healthy body weight, each meal is carefully calculated to meet your protein, fat and carbohydrate intake as recommended by a Lomax nutritionist. Based upon the understanding that variety is key to long-term success, our inspired menus are thoughtfully designed, packed with fresh, seasonal flavours and are constantly changing from week to week.

Packages are available for five or seven days, including 3 meals and a snack or shake per day. Available for collection from Lomax after your session or delivery to your home or office.


Lomax FitFood – 5 Day Package 220.00*
Lomax FitFood – 7 Day Package 300.00*

 * Free delivery within 5km radius. Additional delivery charge applies to all other London addresses.

Booking Enquiries:
Contact the Client Liaison Team on 020 7352 0598 or email for more information about FitFood.