Jarrod Antflick

Jarrod Antflick

Position:  Sports Physio

Area of Expertise: Lower limb, hip and groin

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Elixir of Life: Ice cream

Weapon of Choice: Wit and charm

Heroes: Valentino Rossi and MJ (before his comeback)

Villains: Time or lack there of

Breakfast of Champions: Weetbix

Ultimate Stress Buster: Snowboarding and rock climbing

Theme Tune: ‘The Militia’ – GangStarr

Mum always said: Recheck your grammar

The Lomax Way in three words: Healthy, handsome and (w)holesome

Book a Consultation:
Call 020 7482 3875 or info@complete-physio.co.uk to book a consultation.


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