Jonathan Lomax

Position: Personal Trainer / CEO

Area of Expertise: Body Transformation and Sculpting

Hometown: London

Wonder WOD: 12x Squat Press, 12x Chin Ups, 12x Bench Press, 12x Lunges – RPT x10

Weapon of Choice: 12kg Weights Vest and the Olympic Barbell

Heroes: Harry Flashman, Winston Churchill, Batman

Villains: Anyone fighting Batman

Breakfast of Champions: 6 eggs (3 whole / 3 whites), soy and linseed toast and tea

Ultimate Stress Buster: Red wine – Bordeaux or Aussie Shiraz

Theme Tune: Silence

Mum always said: You are amazing

The Lomax Way in three words: A better life

Book a Session:
Call 020 7352 0598 or email to book a Personal Training session at Lomax.


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