Jonny Sayle

Jonny Sayle

One of London’s top Personal Trainers and awarded by FHM for 2 years running, Jonny specialises in corrective exercise/rehabilitation, weight loss, strength & conditioning and pre & post natal exercise. His training methods are proven to enhance body image as well as general well being. 

Position: Personal Trainer & Managing Director

Area of Expertise: Strength & Conditioning / Pre & Post Natal

Hometown: Barnes, London

Wonder WOD: Jonny’s Strength Round of 10: 10 Barbell Squats, 10 Pull Ups, 10 Bench Press, 10 Lunges, 10 Cleans, 10 Bent Over Row, 10 Deadlifts, 10 Bicep Curl, 10 Tricep Dips, 10 Knee Tucks 

Weapon of Choice: Olympic Barbell 

Heroes: Sean Connery, Michael Phelps, James Hunt

Villains: Anything with Kardashian surname

Breakfast of Champions: 3 scrambled eggs on smashed avocado, rye bread, mixed berries and Greek yoghurt

Ultimate Stress Buster: Interval swimming or ice cold pint of IPA

Theme Tune: Here I Go Again by Whitesnake


Book a Session:
Call 08715 120 770 or email to book a Personal Training session at Lomax.


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