Maria Sam

Maria Samoshenkova

Maria is a former competitive swimmer, personal trainer and passionate spinning instructor. She holds a degree in International Business and worked worldwide within marketing, combining her passion for sports before recent career transition into fitness industry. Her goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people to change the way they approach nutrition and training. Whether your goal is to improve your body composition and change your aesthetics or increase your performance in any particular way, be sure you will have an accurately designed plan with achievable goals. You might find your sessions with Maria challenging but your goal is her priority and she will make sure you will achieve it by continuously tracking and revising your progress.

Position: Personal Trainer

Area of Expertise: Strength Training, Body Aesthetics, and Empowerment through Fitness

Hometown: Riga, Latvia

Wonder WOD: Barbell squats into overhear press x 15, Pull ups x 15, Barbell sumo deadlifts x 15, Straight leg raises x 15; repeat at least 5 circuits

Weapon of Choice: Olympic Bar and Keiser Spin Bike

Heroes: Mufasa from The Lion King

Villains: Jealous people and peanut butter

Breakfast of Champions: 50g of oats with chocolate Lean Development Protein by Lomax Nutrition and 2 eggs

Ultimate Stress Buster: 2h of Kick Boxing following by a glass of wine in a hot bath… preferably somewhere on a Spanish coast

Theme Tune: ‘Wind of Change’ – Scorpions

Mum always said: You are the best!

The Lomax Way in three words: It’s a Lifestyle

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