Olli Carrier

Olli Carrier

Position: Personal Trainer, Cycle Blast Instructor, Class Instructor

Area of Expertise: Sports related fitness, Strength & Conditioning

Hometown: Bristol

Wonder WOD: 6 x 80-90% 1RM Squat, 12 x 70% Leg Press, 25 x Leg Extension, repeat x5. 6 x 80-90% Deadlift, 12 x 70% Romanian Deadlift, 25 x Hamstring Curl, repeat x5. Leg day is a good day!

Weapon of Choice: An open mind

Heroes: Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Attenborough, Anyone who follows their dreams and lets nothing stop them

Villains: Predator, conformists

Breakfast of Champions: 3 whole poached eggs and parma ham on multi-seeded whole grain toast with a protein shake blended with oats, a banana and either vanilla or chocolate protein

Ultimate Stress Buster: A sweaty workout, a swim and a night in

Theme Tune: XYConstant Remix of Gangsters – Giggs

Mum always said: Try everything twice even if you think you don’t like it. The first time to see for yourself and the second time incase you missed something the first time.

The Lomax Way in three words: Aspire to inspire

Book a Session:
Call 08715 120 770 or email bookings@lomaxpt.com to book a session at Lomax.


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