Sarah Stoneley

Position: Cycle Blast Instructor

Area of Expertise: Indoor Cycling, Circuit Training, Kettlebells, Group Exercise

Hometown: Cheshire

Wonder WOD: Try this Tabata finisher… 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Make it super tough and only do burpees for all 8 intervals.

Weapon of Choice: TRX

Heroes: My massive Labrador, Max!

Villains: People who don’t like dogs

Breakfast of Champions: EGGS!!! Omelette, scrambled, boiled, poached or fried in coconut oil. Yum.

Ultimate Stress Buster: Lifting some heavy weights or retail therapy…

Theme Tune: Murder – Justin Timberlake (Feat Jay Z)

Mum always said: Be a strong, independent woman

The Lomax Way in three words: Lets get sweaty

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