Sophie Joyce

Areas of Expertise: Pre + Post Natal Fitness, Baby Massage

Hometown: London

Wonder WOD: Pyramids – as a workout finisher; choose 4 exercises (of which 1 must be burpees!) e.g. Burpees, Ski Jump, push ups, V-sit. Then perform reps 2,4,6,8,(10) for each + if you you’re feeling brave enough work back down to 2!

Weapon of Choice: Foam Roller

Heroes: Triers

Villains: Moaners

Breakfast of Champions: 2x Poached Eggs on Rye bread a few grilled tommies and drizzle of olive oil

Ultimate Stress Buster: Cup of builders tea, the Sea and strolling with the pooch

Theme Tune: Prince: Wanna be your Lover!

Mum Always Said: Mother knows best

The Lomax Way in Three Words: Where change happens


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