Theodora Valente

Theodora Valente

Theodora began her Personal Training career as a celebrity trainer in 2010 when Gwyneth Paltrow recruited her to join The Tracy Anderson Method. A certified Personal Trainer, she loves HIIT and is very focused on form and body placement. Theodora is also a professionally trained dancer and her credits include the Broadway musical, The Lion King, in Paris.

Position: Personal Trainer

Area of Expertise: HIIT cardio, dance, body form and placement

Hometown: Paris, France

Wonder WOD: Boxing

Weapon of Choice: Positivity

Heroes: Ellen De Generes (Ah!), but my #1 is Frida Kahlo

Villains: Terrorists

Breakfast of Champions: Miam ô Fruits (half of a mashed banana, a mix of lots of different grains, lemon juice, colza oil and at least 5 different fruits on top)… Yummy, filling and so healthy.

Ultimate Stress Buster: St Barths

Theme Tune: ‘Hold Tight’ – Madonna

Mum always said: Everything is gonna be alright!

The Lomax Way in three words: LOndonMAgicXercise.

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