Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison

A Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor, Tom’s unique approach to fitness blends the disciplines of functional strength training with Pilates to help unlock his clients’ potential for smarter and more efficient movement, exercise and pain-free living. With the understanding that we would all like to maintain the highest quality of life for the longest possible time, Tom believes it is wise to develop a deep understanding of the only body you will ever own.

Position: Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Area of Expertise: Blending Pilates and Strength & Conditioning into an unstoppable force for good

Hometown: Devon

Wonder WOD: Every workout is a wonder WOD when you pay attention to what your body wants to do

Weapon of Choice: Visualisations

Heroes: Anyone who tries

Villains: Mr and Mrs Procrastination

Breakfast of Champions: Scrambled eggs with lots of butter

Ultimate Stress Buster: Watching my friends lives being run by their children and realising that I have it pretty good, ice cream, uncomfortably long hugs.

Theme Tune: Whale songs, or just an awkward silence

Mum always said: “That’s it! Go to your room!”

The Lomax Way in three words: Effective enjoyable exercise.

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