Product Review: Jax Coco

Product Review: Jax Coco

With the sleekest little bottle on the market, Jax Coco have fast become our coconut water of choice here at Lomax. Sipped straight from the bottle or blended into a protein shake or smoothie, Jax Coco not only tastes great but it also keep us hydrated whilst on-the-go and after working out.

What’s in the bottle?
100% natural coconut water extracted from young coconuts at their optimal stage of growth.

Good bits…
Naturally isotonic and full of essential electrolytes – potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus – which are great for boosting hydration after exercise. Jax Coco is also fat and cholesterol free, without any added sugar or nasty artificial preservatives.

Bad bits…
The taste isn’t for everyone, although we love it!

Try it…
Straight from the bottle or blended into protein shakes, juices or smoothies. Try our Alkalising Juice with celery, avocado, fig and ginger!

Buy it…
Lomax Chelsea (£1.90), Harvey Nichols or have it delivered directly from their online store.

The verdict…
A drink with a difference; coconut water has a therapeutic benefit rather than just being another soft drink. Best had chilled after a work-out, ‘It’s the chicest coconut water on the market’ – Vogue.

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