Q&A: Nick Paulson-Ellis from The Sports Edit

Q&A: Nick Paulson-Ellis from The Sports Edit

Bringing a carefully curated selection of the very best activewear from across the globe to the Fulham Road, our new neighbours, The Sports Edit, are ready to open their doors and we couldn’t be more excited!

We caught up with founder, Nick Paulson-Ellis, for a chat about the hottest sportswear brands around and why Chelsea is the fittest neighbourhood in town…

We’re fairly well acquainted with buying fitness wear online but it’s refreshing to see a shift from the traditional sports store on the high street. Tell us a bit about The Sports Edit concept and what inspired you to start it.

It’s a very exciting time in fitness wear, with some stylish and innovative brands emerging, but most lack real UK exposure. The idea behind The Sports Edit is to offer the best edit, from the best brands from around the world, both established and emerging, and always focused on the intersection between quality, style and performance. Physical stores are central to our strategy as touching premium fabrics and getting the fit right is critical, and they help customers become familiar with new brands. Our product range and store experience will be completely different to conventional UK sports stores.

We’re super excited to have The Sports Edit opening up in our neighbourhood. Why did you choose Chelsea as the location for your first store?

Chelsea has a very active demographic, and there are great studios like Triyoga and gyms like Lomax. The neighbourhood has also become a bit of a hub for women’s sportswear in particular.

The boutique activewear market seems to have exploded over the past year or so. What brands are you most excited about bringing to London?

Where do I start? We had a tough time editing our brand list down to just 18. Of the boutique brands, I love Onzie’s print leggings and the brand is growing like crazy in LA, Spiritual Gangster for more leisure tees, and VIMMIA for something unique in London. But I’m also really excited about Under Armour – the UK has only seen a fraction of what the brand is about, and its Studio range is superb. But whilst we’re bringing a lot of US brands here, London is also home to some exciting emerging brands which we will also be carrying, such as Lucas Hugh, Every Second Counts and Charli Cohen, and not forgetting our own brand SALT.

We’re always on the hunt for quality gym kit that wears well and looks good. What’s the one item in your workout wardrobe that you can’t live without?

2XU compression tights. They are brilliant for minimizing injuries and helping recovery. And they look great on men and women.


Quickfire Questions:

Hometown: Barnes, London

Wonder WOD: 1km fast run. 15x Burpee, 25x Ab crunches, 60 sec Plank, 20x Press Ups, 10x Alternate Leg Lunges. Repeat all x 3. Then 1km run (medium pace).

Heroes: Jon Stewart. An amazing mix of humour and insight. Shame he’s retiring.

Villains: Mmm…I’d say negative people generally, and ‘manspreaders’ specifically, especially when they sit next to you on a flight.

Breakfast of Champions: Eggs, in almost any shape or form, and it’s hard to beat Granger & Co’s ‘Fresh Aussie’, with poached eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, greens & cherry tomatoes.

Ultimate Stress Buster: Running along the Thames at dawn, or an hour of intense yoga in the evening after a manic day. Though wine also works…

Theme Tune: ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ by The Killers

Mum always said: ‘Look after your wife!’

The Sports Edit in three words: World’s finest sportswear


The Sports Edit‘s online and London stores open August 2015. Sign up as an early adopter to receive 10% off your first online order!


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