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Our 1-day Juice Cleanse was reviewed by Jenny, Lomax team member and starter of Jenny’s Beauty Fridge Blog, here’s what she had to say.

There is a lot of press about “juice cleanses” and “juicing diet” but I think there is a lot of misconception for the purpose of a juice cleanse. A juice cleanse is there to cleanse the system and to re-set the body for a clean eating plan. A juice cleanse, I believe, should not be used as a weight loss tool as the weight loss will not be long term and any short term results will lead you down the yo-yo dieting path and will result in an unhealthy relationship with not only food, but with your body.

Why did I do a 1-day Juice Cleanse?

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while, I like a challenge and I like the idea of “resetting” my body. The Fit Food Cafe team at Lomax Chelsea do not just give you your juices and let you be on your way but also help you with the nutritional benefits and the purpose of the cleanse. It is advised to “warm-up” and “cool-down” pre and post a juice cleanse in order to prevent your body storing fat and to prevent your metabolism slowing down and panicking! The Fit Food Cafe can also serve you with  a day meal plan for the pre and post days of the juice cleanse called, The Reboot. The Reboot, is there for you to get the most out of your cleanse by helping to sustain results and get that healthy glow with detox waters, boosters and lean sugar free fulfilling meals. The reason for me doing this is to re-set my body after a couple of weeks of not eating the best I could in lieu of some life adjustments, feeling low in energy, sluggish and always tired.

Was I hungry during the day?

In all honesty, yes. I am such a foodie and a complete snacker so it was hard for me to note to myself “no I can’t eat that” when I see something yummy or if I am seeking out my mid morning snack. However the Fit Food  team provide you with all the juices for your day:

1- Large Metabolic Kickstart (apple, fennel, ginger + cayenne pepper)

2- Small Alkaliser (spinach, kiwi, cucumber, lime, celery + parsley)

3-Large Classic (apple, carrot, lemon + ginger)

4- Small Digestive Aid (carrot, orange, fennel, mint + ginger)

5 – Large Immune Booster (kale, carrot, pepper + ginger)

I had a juice about every 2-3 hours with the large ones being my “meals” and this seemed to be a good amount of time in between each and it did last throughout the day and until the evening for “dinner”.  I drank the juices slowly and this happened almost naturally as I knew these were my meals and wanted to savour them.

Did I exercise?

No. I did not train this day as I wanted to rest my body and not put it through any extra stress as I would not have the protein to feed my body afterwards to repair my muscles. I did go for an hour walk as this is very low intensity and does not require huge amount of energy. I would not recommend doing any high intensity training during a juice cleanse.

What were my results?

Interestingly enough the results I found was that I realised how much food I tend to eat on a day-to-day basis and I asked myself, do I need all of the snacking that I do? We subconsciously eat and I realised that I am feeding my appetite, rather than my hunger. We eat out of habit and routine and as it got to bed time I reflected and realised that I am not hungry and I actually felt very satisfied and fulfilled. Whatever our eating routine is, our bodies rely on it and expects food and our appetite grows. I wanted to wait for the morning after my juice cleanse to really judge, as it is whilst we sleep our bodies extracts our vitamins and minerals that we have consumed during the day in order to repair the body. I woke up with a flat stomach, a brighter outlook and more aware of foods that tend to bloat me, make me sluggish and make me feel unenergised.

Would I do a Juice Cleanse again?

Yes. I would definitely do this again if I am in the need to restart to my eating plan. I would highly recommend incorporating The Reboot if you are new to a juice cleanse or you are wanting to do the cleanse for a longer period of time. The Reboot and Juice Cleanse will really help with you feeling and looking great in that LBD for the Christmas Party or in your bikini for that winter sun holiday and/or even just for a wellbeing satisfaction.

Lots of Love Jenny’s Beauty Fridge

The Fit Food Cafe team at Lomax Chelsea are there to answer all your questions and can coach you through it. For more info or to book a consultation email

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