The Benefits of Massage

Rub your woes away

Long relegated to the realms of ‘pampering’, evidence suggests massage deserves recognition as a vital part of our own preventative medicine. With the rising pressures of living in the modern world, we are increasingly seeking antidotes to help stabilise our stress levels – here are just a few key benefits of regular massage treatments…

Combat Stress
Massage has been proven to lower reduce the stress hormone cortisol, while releasing dopamine and seratonin, making it ideal for combating stress and its side effects on the body – usually extreme muscle tightness in the neck, shoulder and back areas.

Prevent Injury
We all tend to wait until it is too late when it comes to seeking treatment, battling on until brought to our knees by physical ailments. Massage can be of huge benefit to help prevent serious joint injuries due to muscle imbalances.

Ease Tension
A massage is not going to ‘cure’ you instantly, however, a regular weekly treatment can go to considerable lengths to ease away build up of physical and mental tension, creating an inner peace and calm.

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