Ade AdepitanI have trained in many fitness spaces but very few if any are as comprehensive as Lomax. I still play competitive basketball at national level and need to stay healthy for my work demands so the Personal Training service, Performance Clinic and Grill Market provide all the help I need to keep fulfilling these goals.

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Spencer MatthewsI was drawn to Lomax for its complete package of great one-on-one training and pre and post workout food. Lomax and its almost fraternal staff offer the highest quality of Personal Training in London combined with an excellent knowledge of nutrition and anatomy. Gyms come and go – Lomax is more of a way of life.

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Spencer MatthewsLomax is a great place to train, whether it’s one on one Personal Training sessions and Pilates or for an excellent Blast and Cycle Blast class to work that body and get you into your best shape yet! Grill Market is the perfect compliment, producing tasty, fresh, healthy meals and the occasional yummy ‘sweet treat’.

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Lomax first attracted me due to its pay-as-you-go aspect, I love it! The trainers are hardcore but understand each client and their fitness goals. They actually want to see an improvement so they don’t let me talk my way out of doing those 5 extra burpees! I love the variation of styles and exercises. If you want a kick-ass body and to build real strength then there is nowhere else in London, I’m hooked…


I was one of the least active people around until Lomax opened in the neighbourhood 3 years ago. Since then I’ve been a regular customer and have attended pretty much all their classes and trained with a number of their trainers. ‘The Lomax Way’ has changed my life in a truly amazing way… I would recommend Lomax to anyone – whether they are looking for a once a week spin class or a fully bespoke fitness and nutrition programme. Lomax can help guide you through whatever path you choose and help you achieve your goals. All the trainers, instructors and staff are exceptional – but a special shoutout to Olu who has steered and encouraged my path to fitness right from the very start and to Robine who has the most microscopic attention to form and technique.

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The Mother & Baby offering at Lomax is fantastic as it encourages pregnant woman to stay as fit as possible for the whole nine months – and beyond – and provides the perfect facilities in which to achieve it. I am five months pregnant with my second child and have found the advice and support to be invaluable. It is really reassuring to have a knowledgeable and friendly person to check-in with as your body changes and due date gets closer. I can’t recommend it enough and will certainly look forward to taking my baby along with me in the summer.

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I have been working out at Lomax with Charlie Launder since the beginning of September 2014. I would really like to emphasise the positive impact she has had on my fitness routine and over all self confidence with regard to embracing a healthier lifestyle. I had my first baby in April this year and was keen to get back in to shape soon. Having never worked out in the past I expected this experience to be dreadful and almost certainly expected to not make much progress. Charlie has totally changed my perception on working out and helped me gain confidence.  Her work out routines and overall attitude has ensured that I now enjoy working out as often as possible. She is an absolute delight and I look forward to working out with her in the future.

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I booked in with Charlie when I was around 17 weeks pregnant, with an anxious husband who encouraged the gym, but was wary about exercising with weights and over exerting oneself. However, the team at Lomax put both our minds at ease and we were reassured by their friendly way and reassurance that I’d be well looked after. The sessions can be gentle or fast paced, depending upon how I feel on the day and Charlie is able to make great judgements on how much I should and shouldn’t be doing by always asking the right questions. The exercises are challenging, but manageable still leaving you with a sense of feeling pushed. After my sessions with Charlie, I leave the gym with great energy and a feeling of achievement. I look forward to progressing further and eventually returning with baby in tow!

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I simply love the class as the music is always upbeat… at the same time you still know how to push each one of us to give our maximum. Overall massive two thumbs up!

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Your classes are quite magical. Its a journey were we are drawn into a trance, adopting your amazing energy, blurring the lines between pleasure and pain, and always ending up working to absolute exhaustion. Love it!

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