Top 3 Kettlebell Exercises

Adam Stansbury is back with a follow up to his previous post with three kettlebell exercises that he finds most effective.


The mother of all kettlebell exercises is the Kettlebell Swing.

In order to master the swing you MUST first master the ‘Hip Hinge’. This will improve increased range of movement, overall effectiveness and will prevent lower back injuries occurring. The knees should be ‘soft’ and the movement should begin with a hinge in the hips so that your center of mass moves backwards over your heels. I always tell clients to try to get your bum and chest as far apart as you can. The power then comes two fold: from the momentum of the swing and a powerful hip drive forward.

Move that ass!


The goblet squat is known as the ‘Squat for the People’ due to it’s ease of application and effectiveness for people with any form of inhibited shoulder or hip mobility.

The kettlebell should be held close to your center of mass and at the ‘neck’, with the bottom down, maintaining a tight ‘V’ between upper and forearms on both sides. Adopt a nice, wide stance with knees tracking inline with the toes, that are pointing outwards. Hinge at the hips and sit back over the heels, keeping the upper body upright and then drive back up through the heels.


If the Swing is the mother of all kettlebell exercises then the Full Turkish Get Up is the DADDY!

You will struggle to find a more complete, full body strength exercise that works everything through the arms, shoulders, core, hips and quads, whilst taking the heart rate up a few notches. It also places quite a demand on your co-ordination due to the complexity of the movement. The various stages of the movement need to be performed one way and then reversed, all whilst maintaining control of a heavy kettlebell overhead!

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