A Guide to Creating your Own Training plan + Link to Download

It’s 5:30 on a Monday morning. You’re standing in the middle of the gym. The new work-out gear is on, a protein shaker full of repair and refuel BCAAs in your hand and a whole 60 minutes to do as you please. But you’re bewildered. You keep hearing recently about how weights can play a big role in body transformation but you have no idea what to do, let alone where to begin.


You retreat back to the cardio room (as it’s the safest place you know) and manage to drill up 45 minutes before cutting out and retreating back to the changing room, ready to face your working day. You repeat this 4-5 times a week. It’s tiring. You give up by week three and the guilt from any indulgences creep up again. You’re back at the gym by Monday morning and the cycle continues.

Sound familiar? We hear this too often at Lomax – clients will come in with a history of cardio destruction paired with low carb dieting as they believe (and the diet industry has told them) that the only way to change their body composition is by eating less and running more. This not only promotes eating disorders, but also can have huge impact on your body through metabolic damage and injury; not to mention you will probably actually hold on to fat rather than lose!

It is a big fat myth in itself to say that cardio + a low fat diet is the only way to change your body composition. As is the idea that exercising with weights bulks you up. Women in particular don’t have enough testosterone (male hormone) to bulk up from weight training. The key to using weights when you train is to add in cardio vascular intervals to the session.


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