A Guide to Creating your Own Training plan + Link to Download

So now we know the advantages strength training has over your traditional
cardio bunny routine, how can you create your very own training
programme that guarantees continued success?

Let’s go back to our previous post where we talk about body composition. Your body’s stats (such as your body fat % and your muscle mass) form the starting point of any training programme. At Lomax, we believe in the 80:20 body – falling around 80% muscle mass and 20% fat to be able to successfully perform at your optimum every day. How do you compare? Do you need to increase your strength? Burn fat? Maintain?

Throughout my life, I have always tried to maintain the 80:20 body. It works for me in terms of my performance goals, sporting wise, and keeps my anxiety around body image (yes I suffer from exercise and eating related anxiety – but this is for a different post) AKA my vanity, at bay. I like to look good and I like to perform well, I always have. I am a geek at heart and I love to score ‘points’ for doing well, even if the person rewarding these points, is me.

So weight training or, more accurately – strength and conditioning – is really the only way to go for me. And my stats agree. I am 39, with a metabolic age of 23, a body fat % of 15, a visceral fat level of under 5, a VO2 max of 65 and a resting heart rate of 55-60 (depending on how many espressos I have had). My blood pressure is 110/75 and I can run a 10k in around 50 hateful minutes. So I like to think I am in good shape considering I probably don’t sleep enough and I enjoy (as mentioned previously) probably more red wine than I tell my GP.



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