Lymphatic Drainage Massage

TREATMENT SPOTLIGHT: Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Have you heard a lot about lymphatic drainage massage but are still unsure of what it actually involves and whether it’s right for you? Ayutique therapist at Lomax, Rekha Maharaj, explains a bit about the treatment and how it can help.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?
Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, assisting the body to eliminate waste and toxins boosting the immune system.

What is the lymphatic system?
The lymphatic system is the secondary circulatory system in the human body comprising of a network of conduits called lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph.

How does the treatment work?
Closely connected with the blood and circulatory system, the lymphatic system is an extensive drainage system that returns water and proteins from various tissues back to the bloodstream. By increasing circulation through lymphatic massage, the body is given a chance to detox and clears and rids itself of unwanted toxins and waste. This in turn increases vitality and has significant changes in toning the body.

Who is the treatment good for?
An excellent treatment for anyone with any metabolism concerns, from cellulite to weight loss, poor circulation, water retention and pregnancy and achy body. As it’s fantastic for boosting immunity, it’s great especially if you have viral colds, flu and low immunity, encouraging the body to get rid of bacteria and toxins.

What should I expect during a treatment?
Expect a gentle massage technique with sort of a light pumping action of lymphatic fluid up towards the heart. Certain nodes may be slightly painful due to congestion, however through massage they will become smaller and drain into the next node making their way through major drainage ducts and into blood circulation. You will be required to drink lots of water to aid cleansing and purifying in recovery mode.

What’s the difference between a lymphatic drainage massage and a regular massage?
A lymphatic drainage treatment is designed towards to working lymphatic fluid towards the drainage ducts, whereas a regular massage works on various other facets mostly muscular and skeletal.

What are the benefits of the treatment?
By stimulating this system through massage, it works more efficiently, which in turn boosts the immune system, clears blockages, eliminates toxins, transports nutrients to cells increasing the metabolism.

How many treatments will I need to feel the benefits?
This is quite varied from person to person and depends on conditions they would like to target. The Ayutique weight-loss programme recommends 4 sessions, 1 week apart. You will generally feel the difference after one session, however to attain your personal goals a regime would be recommended dependent on your body type.

Are there any side effects?
Lymphatic drainage should not be used by people with acute inflammation, malignant tumours, deep vein thrombosis or major heart problems. Because of its effect on the immune system, people with cancer, diabetes, thyroid or kidney problems, asthma or epilepsy should seek medical advice before treatment.

Rekha Maharaj is the Ayutique therapist at Lomax Chelsea. The Purity Signature Lymphatic Drainage Treatment uses medical and manual drainage techniques combined with a blend of Purity oil. (£250 for 90 minutes)
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