21 Day Plant-Based Shred

Week 1: 21 Day Plant-Based Shred

Over the next couple of weeks we’re following Adam Stansbury, The Plant Powered PT, on his 21 day journey to improve his body composition, fueled entirely by plants!

So week 1 of the 21 Day Plant Powered Shred is in the bag and everything is looking on track for some great body composition results.

Just to recap that the goal of the 21 day shred is to “get as lean as possible in 3 weeks using high intensity weight training, sprints and using the carb cycling strategy.”

Well it’s certainly working as I have lost 0.7% Body fat in the first week, this means that my target fat loss of 2% over 3 weeks is in my sights and it may even be more come the end as my metabolism is speeding up as the days roll on.

My Boditrax fat percentage this week came out at 9.5% that’s down from 10.2% when I started the shred – see above.

Now I don’t like to stick my neck out too much but going on this reading I am hoping for one of 8.8% after week 2, so watch this space!

The first week was expectedly filled with soreness all over the body, whenever you start a new program this is generally the case but even more so when performing tri-sets as we are hitting the muscles from three different angles with three different loads and rep ranges to cause maximum metabolic disturbance, well it’s working!

Even this soon into the program I have managed to dispel the myths surrounding plant based dieting and it’s limitations. I’m eating high protein (30%) every day and cycling through high and low carbohydrate days, using a variety of different plant based protein sources.

I’ve basically taken the training and dieting strategies that I used when I was a meat eater and training for fitness shows and I’m now applying them using a plant based diet, with what looks like so far the same level of success.

On a plant based diet you need to be aware of slight variations in the macronutrient make up of different plant protein sources, so here’s a couple of little tips to help you to play around with your macronutrients on different days.

On low carbohydrate days my protein is coming from meat replacement products such as tofu, tempeh, seitan and plant protein powders, this allows me to eat more isolated protein sources that have minimal carbohydrates in them.

Zero Noodles are eaten as a replacement for rice and pasta and can be incorporated into almost any dish in order to bulk and satisfy as would pasta, bread, rice or potato, so perfect for low carbohydrate days and they are high in water and fiber. They originate from Japan and are made from a root plant called the Konjac plant.

On high carbohydrate days my protein is coming from grains, beans and pulses, as they naturally contain higher levels of both protein and carbohydrates with little fat, which means that I can easily manipulate the carbohydrate and fat content of my meals and also eat more natural wholefoods on these days, which gives me a rest from the more soy based plant protein products and a broad spectrum of nutrients.

A couple of other great little ingredients to have in store on these low fats days is the PB Fit Peanut Butter powder and a coconut oil spray. The PB Fit powder enables you to create creamy butter like smoothies and textures without the fat of normal nut butter and the coconut oil spray keeps the oil content of your cooking to a minimum, because remember the golden rule:

Carbohydrates and Fats are Inversely Proportionate

To ensure I’m getting my dose of super foods each day I will use either Cacao or Maca powder in my smoothies, as they both vary in carbohydrates and fat as well. Cacao being high in fat and Maca being high in carbohydrates.

Well that’s it until next week when I report on week 2 and how it went but in summary the training is fun, challenging, intense but over quickly and I can feel not only my physique changing but my fitness levels as well, so it’s a win win and I’m eating some really tasty meals.

I’ll leave you with a comment one of my online clients wrote during week 1:

Things I thought during today’s double session:
– “woah this is hard”

– “no this is really intense”
– “I hate Ads right about now”
– “that man definitely has an evil streak”
– “thank god that’s done”
– “actually I feel ok now the endorphins have kicked in”
– “ok, maybe he isn’t so evil after all…”

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