Week 2: 21 Day Plant-Based Shred

Week 2: 21 Day Plant-Based Shred

Another week down and Adam has seen a significant shift in his physique. Read on to find out how he fared in the second week of his 21 Day Plant-Based Shred…

So week 2 has been completed and I am totally in the groove, although the past weekend both training days fell on Saturday and Sunday so I didn’t get a free day but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in order to keep up training momentum and the metabolism rocking.

I’m feeling leaner every morning and the body is tightening up as we go, so it is going to plan although this week the Boditrax scanner through up a strange result saying that I had gone back upto 10% bodyfat although my weight had dropped 1.3kg from the previous week and I definitely haven’t lost that much muscle as you can see from the picture comparison below, in fact I look fuller than in the 7 day picture.

From past experience these kind of scanners can throw out strange results when you get below 10% bodyfat as the differences between muscle, fat, bone and water become so small.

We can definitely see in the picture on the right (week 2) that my physique has changed, it’s leaner and more defined and with my weight dropping so much we can definitely see that it is body fat that I have dropped not muscle.

This is a great example of the need for several different ways to measure progress when going through a transformation, as some weeks the measurements will tell the truth and other weeks they’ll be definite changes in physical appearance but the measurements won’t appear to change much.

We’ll see what the scanner says again at the end of week 3 and we will compare all the photos and measurements together.


Nothing to announce here really, my fitness and strength has gone up along with workout recovery, making the days of 2 sessions much easier to cope with, it still amazes me what your body adapts to when you push it.


It’s been an awesome week with food now that I am totally in the routine with weighing, measuring and tracking my meal creativity has gone up and I’m now making some great little recipes off the cuff, just like the two that I am sharing with you today.

Roasted Aubergine and Seitan Salsa (Low Carbohydrate)

One of my favourite meals that I made off the cuff this week, oh my god this was tasty.

I cut in half and roasted an aubergine and one red romano pepper, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic granules and some olive oil for about 20 minutes.

I then pan fried some sliced Seitan with red onion and harissa spices and then made a salsa out of shaved cucumber and chopped tomatoes and mixed it all together with a dressing of apple cider vinegar, liquid aminos, salt and pepper.

Layer the Aubergine with the roasted peppers then top with the seitan salsa AMAZING!

Spaghetti Veganaise (High Carbohydrate)

Think you’re going to miss out on Spaghetti Bolognaise going Vegan? Think again. That was my favourite dish growing up, I loved it, so to create an amazing recipe which is pretty much as good as the meat version I was having a foodgasm.

Just pan fry half a red onion until brown, then add the mushrooms and spinach until the mushrooms have cooked down, then add the soya protein mince and the free from red pesto, add the tin of cherry tomatoes or chopped tomatoes and leave to simmer, season with salt, pepper, garlic and basil.

Cook some gluten free spaghetti, I use the sainsbury’s free from version, it’s great then serve topped with yeast flakes for that cheesey flavour.

That’s it for now until next week and the final post on my 21 Day Plant Powered Shred.

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