21 Day Plant-Based Shred

Week 3: 21 Day Plant-Based Shred

After 21 days of consistent training and a purely plant-powered nutrition plan, Adam has seen great results!

Well that’s it, the 21 Day Shred is finished and it has been a successful training program / project. After some odd Boditrax scanner results in week 2, the scanner gave me a more reliable and expected reading in the end of 8.8%

So I went from 10.1% to 8.8% body fat in 18 days, as I had to cram the last few days of training in due to being away on the last weekend.

The 21 Day Plant Powered Shred or any program for such a short amount of time should be seen as a ‘Transition’ rather than ‘Transformation’ program as the length of time is not long enough to see huge changes but it is long enough to get into some great nutrition and training habits, speed up the metabolism, increase fitness levels, improve metabolic conditioning and work capacity.

The 21 Day Shred is a great Precursory Program to take your physique and training in any number of directions, using the foundations achieved over the 21 days.

You could either carry on pursuing lower body fat or start adding some lean muscle mass as your body is now in an optimum state to do so.

Having used carb cycling (an advanced nutritional strategy) throughout this program I’ve also proved that a vegan plant based diet is not limited at all, and can provide all the flexibility and nutritional value of a traditional meat based diet, with less digestive stress to you and less stress on animals and the environment.

Look out for the 21 Day Plant Powered Shred ebook coming soon in association with Lomax Nutrition and cycle 2 which I am running online as we speak!

Why not transform your body and the planet?


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