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  • Acupuncture at Lomax

    OFFER: £50 Acupuncture Treatments

    Acupuncturist Nathalie Kaufmann will be offering £50 treatments on Monday 18th and Thursday 28th April.  Acupuncture addresses both physical and emotional issues, helps to relieve pain and removes stress from your daily life. Each treatment is tailor-made to suit the patient’s individual needs and addresses the root cause of a…
  • Maternity Reflexology

    Maternity Reflexology

    Naturopathic Physician Katie Ruane is now offering Maternity Reflexology treatments from the clinic at Lomax. Reflexology is a very safe yet effective treatment to have during pregnancy. One of the best things about it is that your baby also gets benefits from the treatment whilst in the womb. Reflexology is…